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Physical and Emotional Health
1. Natural Food State nutrients by NeoLife and Natra-Heal Products
2. Clearing stuck emotions in the body using The Emotion Code technique
3. Run a Quantum Health Body scan to ascertain how ones whole body is functioning, as well as see deficiencies and toxicities
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With taking the right nutrients, our bodies can heal and regenerate themselves with the correct life giving nutrients which are fully bio available to our constitutions.
Clearing blocked emotions aid ridding ourselves of dis-ease and free us to function in a more aligned state. We can ease: physical pain, limiting self beliefs, areas of stuckness in our lives, inexplicable anger and frustration. The process is effective, quick and gentle without having to spend hours facing those painful emotions or reliving the emotional trauma. Dr Bradley Nelson wrote the book, The Emotion Code and has helped thousands of people world wide. Have followed his trainings and clearings on-line and have successfully cleared many blocked emotions for myself and for others.

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