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Photos – The New Flat – June 2023


The objective was and is to convert part of the ground floor of our house (which is seldom used) into a flat for rent.

Architect, Building and Electrical Contractors

Architect – SVPS Architects – Jorge Ferrao

Jorge Ferrao is a very competent architect. He helped us a few years ago with our garden apartment. Jorge did the plans for the new flat. He is on WhatsApp: 083 378 2109.

Building Contractor

Bane Baljozovic was recommended by Dian Darroll, the lady who sold my parents and I this property some 36 years ago…

I will provide Bane’s contact details once the work is completed.

Estate Agent: Dian Darroll

Dian has a passion for real estate and she is still working and helping anyone interested in buying, selling and/ or renting property. Dian is on WhatsApp: 082 770 4733

Electrical Contractor: Manny de Paiva

Manny was recommended by Davey. Davey, his brother Juan and Team recently installed our new carport. Should you be interested in steelwork give Dave a call. Dave is on WhatsApp: 072 353 5000.

I will provide Manny’s contact details once the work is completed.

Frans, the Gardener

Frans has been a great help to me during the moving of the home furnishings. Frans helps us with our garden once every 2 weeks. He is intelligent, exceedingly hard working and honest. I will post Frans’s contact details once the flat has been finalised.


Photos of the flat once completed will be posted here. In the meantime I will post photos of the work-in-progress.

Day 1

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023

The area is almost clear. Wow, there is a lot of work packing and storing home furnishings. Fortunately we were able to store most things in the garage.

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023

This toilet is going to be slightly enlarged and transformed into a pretty, functional bathroom.

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023

Years ago, the small palm tree was planted in rocky terrain. Everyone thought it would soon die. Look how it is today – growing steadily and pretty. I did a bit of tree felling this afternoon (the leaves were subsequently removed).

Day 2

Bane and his Team are well organised, they do good work, they work hard and they are very clean๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ

Day 3

The Nelfam Projects Team were once again hard at work. Two new internal walls were erected.

Day 4

The toilet is undergoing changes (image below).

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023

A hole was opened on the wall to fit the front door to the new flat.

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023

Day 5

All the interior walls are now up. The bedroom is going to be a happy and healthy bedroom – north facing, it gets sunshine every single day, all year round including winter (not just the bedroom but the entire flat is north facing)๐ŸŒž๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘Œ. Peanut๐Ÿˆ inspects everything everywhere and Rex๐Ÿ•โ€๐Ÿฆบ likes the place.

Day 6

A lot of work done by Bane’s Team and by Manny/ Antonio’s Team. Today it was tubing installation for the electrics as well as for water.

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023
Photos - The New Flat - June 2023
Water pipework for the shower

Days 7 – 10

Running electrical wires and plastering.

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023
Photos - The New Flat - June 2023

Days 11 – 12

Plastering continues and tiling has begun.

Photos - The New Flat - June 2023
Corridor to the existing kitchen
Tiling has begun

More photos soon. Please come back๐Ÿ˜Ž

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