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Thank you so much for your comments following Day’s 1 Training. Really appreciated🙏🙏

My Reply

Thank you very much Joey and Monica. Thank you Joey for helping Monica getting started on Zoom. It was a great pleasure giving Training to both of you and I am looking forward to session #2 next week.

Password: ET-2023-Apr-11 (Password not active at this stage)

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Note: Please delete me as Admin at the end of each training session. Thank you.

  • Username: Tony
  • Email: tony@webtrainingjohannesburg.com (lower case throughout)
  • Password: TonyTraining123!!!

Day 1 Video Recording

Day 1 Video Recording: Joey and Monica – WordPress.

Day 2 Video Recording

Day 2 Video Recording


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In order for you to obtain a ‘Certificate of Completion’ 🏫🎓👩‍🎓 you will have to create a Blog Post taking the following into account. You are welcome to complete your Post following Day 2 Training and then send me a link to your Blog Post. Much Success

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  • Embed a YouTube video.
  • What is the difference between copying a block and duplicating a block?
  • Duplicate 3 blocks at the same time.
  • Use/ add a ‘Quote’ block.
  • Password protect your blog post.
  • add blog post to the menu (temporarily)

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