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Why You Should Use Solar Flood Lights at Home

Why You Should Use Solar Flood Lights at Home | Save Energy | Get Grid Free


Moving to solar energy is one way you can help yourself get off the grid or at least minimize reliance on the grid. Solar lights are a modern way of lighting and they are self powered. While some use the lights to add beauty to their property, solar energy is being used more and more to bring in a sense of security and safety into people’s homes and surrounding areas. This (updated) blog focus on solar flood lights for the home rather than solar lights for industrial premises.

THANK YOU to the Residents in our Street and to Friends Living in other Areas of the City

In preparation for this blog I communicated with friends living in different suburbs of Johannesburg (Brian, Connie, David, Elisabeth) as well as friends and residents in the street I live in (Greg, Megan, Premilla, Razzaan and Vicky) and found that a fair number of people have been using solar flood lights for about 2 years with good results. I am most grateful to them for their valuable input.

We Installed Solar Flood Lights at Home and Highly Recommend Them

We installed various solar flood lights 25W, 60W and 100W at home and I would like to recommend everyone else to do the same. The prices are coming down for instance on our last order for two 100W the price was R1050.00 (for the 2 lights with 2 solar panels and 2 remotes).

Expanding Solar Market Internationally

Solar street lights in a country such as India have been replacing traditional lights in roads, runways, parks, stadiums, other to reduce nighttime accidents, crime and to increase safety.

Rural areas in various parts of the world that run their operations with the help of solar energy can function just like their counterparts and prosper in the areas of education and labor.

South Africa’s Energy Crisis Deteriorating

South Africa is in an energy crisis with power outages lasting up to a total of 12 hours a day😡. Daily load shedding (power outages) occurred for the first time in South Africa for two weeks in January 2008 under the A.N.C. government and power outages have steadily increased up to the present Stage 6 (up to 11 hours a day without electricity)… mind you, we are in 2023… and the A.N.C. Government is inept and unable to resolve the crisis. Moving to solar energy is one way you can help yourself get off the grid or at least minimize reliance on the grid.

GOOD NEWS: Some People are already OFF the Grid!

Friends Connie and Joe in Boksburg are OFF the grid and so is Elisabeth in Bedforview. The street I live in, Megan and Greg are OFF the grid. Hopefully the cost of solar panels will continue to decrease so that more people can afford a solar system.

Solar Light Applications

Solar light applications include solar street lights, garden lights, flood lights, gate lights and emergency lights.  As already stated in this blog we are focusing on solar flood lights for the home.

Advantages of Solar Flood Lights

Solar flood lights have many advantages the main one being that it is a self sustainable unit. A solar light works automatically, does not require any manual intervention, charges during the day and switches on during the night. Since it is a self-powered unit, this light does not depend on grid to power it.

In summary:

  • Go Green and reduce your electricity consumption
  • Dusk to dawn solar light auto mode
  • No maintenance
  • Ideal for street and roads, courtyard, parks, squares, private gardens, etc.,
  • Available in wide ranges – 20, 60, 100, 200 watts and even higher.

What to Look for when Buying Solar Lights for your Home

  • you need a solar flood light that turns on automatically at night
  • a supplier that gives you a warranty.

Where to Purchase Solar Lights


Amazon.com >

In South Africa

  • China Square (if you are based in Johannesburg)
  • Your local electrical supplier
  • TakeaLot


Purchase a 100 watt solar flood light and have it installed. Do you need a brighter light or not so bright? Have one installed initially to give you a good idea the wattage you need for other areas in your property.

Need an Electrician?

If you live in Johannesburg we can recommend Jason Adriaanzen as we have been using him for our electrical installations. Jason is on WhatsApp: 082 521 7548.

Why You Should Use Solar Flood Lights at Home

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