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Do Not Buy an Inverter with a Gel Battery

Do Not Buy an Inverter with a Gel Battery


Having to replace a gel battery every year at a price of R3000/ battery is costly. If you are going to use an Inverter go for a lithium battery. It is double the cost but it lasts many more times when compared to a gel battery.

My Experience

I purchased a 850VA/ 600W pure sine wave trolley inverter with charge protection in June last year. The battery would easily keep my desktop working for 4+ hours when there was no electricity (during load shedding). We are now in December and I only get 45 minutes. From 4 hours to 45 minutes… The battery has done its job and it needs replacement. A replacement battery costs R3,000.00.

This inverter has great features:

  • user friendly settings
  • LED Indicator
  • short circuit prevention
  • intelligent battery charger i.e. if the inverter is connected to a solar panel, the battery on the inverter will use solar energy.

I spoke to the supplier and they stated that I was very fortunate in getting 18 months of battery life because the average life is 12 months. The company only gives a 6 month warranty.

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